Gather & Write

TRtW's Gather & Write series is as social as writing gets. Gather and write. People want to write. We are writers of our own admission or perhaps we are hesitant to think of ourselves as such. Maybe we just want to try something new. And, it would be nice to write in the company of others. A designated time and space to set pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. 

Writing is so often a solitary art. So many forms of art are solitary. Cerebral. Tapping into that mind of ours requires focus. Usually. But, focusing can be difficult in this day and age. Maybe when we look up from whatever it is we're trying to focus on it might help to see a rolling hill, distant trees--a bit of space. A different setting instead of the same pile of laundry or a new stack of dishes.

Inspiration. That's what an artist of any sort needs.

Where? How? Perhaps a beautiful old homestead in the pastoral setting of Hamilton, MA might do the trick. I have to say it was beautiful to see so much space and then the delineation between property nothing more than a mowed meadow beside a meadow allowed to grow taller. It seemed at once so simple and so beautiful. Beauty usually is quite simple. 

Beauty and community can be simple if we let it. And, The Room to Write is letting it with our Gather & Write series this summer being held every Tuesday, from 10:00am until 11:30am, during the months of June and July. Thanks to a collaboration with Patton Homestead in Hamilton, MA senior and veteran writers are welcome to simply show up, sit down and scribble some words down. An essay, a story, a poem or just raw thoughts. Ideas. Observations.

TRtW's Coordinator of Senior and Veterans Programming, Linda Malcolm, partnered with Holly Erickson of the Patton Homestead to create a welcoming atmosphere where writers can show up with a work-in-progress to proceed with or they can choose to write about whatever moves them. The Room to Write invites individuals to bring with them whatever medium they prefer to create with or attendees can feel free to use our provided paper, pens, and prompts that might be the nudge they need in a direction a writer hadn't thought to go.

Come join us in this natural sanctuary. Escape for an hour and capture a few of your thoughts.

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